What Better Way….

…to start off a blog by being at the beginning of some projects that may or may not come to fruition?

It’s risky at the very least, I’d say. But potentially very exciting for you, dear reader, because even I don’t know how it all ends!

What are the projects? The first is a creative endeavour. A novel I started in 2005 is now finished and there’s a very high probability that it will be published by a Singaporean publishing house. They’ve expressed a lot of interest, but  no details have been discussed yet. I will be meeting the head of the publishing firm next week to discuss it. Until I have anything signed, I’m hesitant to publicise this possibility as fact. I emphasise to you and my hopeful self, this is still just a possibility. But it can’t hurt to tell you the title: The Oddfits. It’s a humorous contemporary fantasy novel.

The second project is some research which will hopefully eventually lead to the publication of an academic book on nature and contemporary Indonesian literature. Broad, eh? I’m still poking around, trying to find good specifics to focus on, and think I will try to find out more about literature by writers from Kalimantan. To get a better idea of the literary scene and some opinions from Kalimantan writers, the plan is to travel to Kalimantan in January and get some more information from writers, presses, and so on. In my humble opinion, research on contemporary Indonesian literature is very difficult to do well from afar: I think it requires a certain amount of groundwork. Many literary works and scholarly works on those literary works can be difficult to find outside of Indonesia. And I’m trying to go beyond the more internationally-known authors.

The problem is: don’t know anyone in Kalimantan yet. I’m focusing my efforts on Kalimantan Timur (Kaltim) first, and am now in the process of trying to email various people involved in the Kaltim literary scene. No replies yet, but I’ve only tried two people. If you have any suggestions or connections…help!

I’ll try to swallow my pride and let this blog document not just my successes, but my near-successes, dead-ends, better-luck-next-times, and new tries.


  1. I want a signed copy (of the fantasy novel not the academic one … actually I’d still like a signed copy of J’s … ) … =P

    1. Hi A,
      Would be happy to oblige! And I’ll let J know!

    2. It looks as if it’s the book of the cosmos, swpieeng contemporary sensibilities of the modern man/woman aside, making way only for its insatiable desire to progress at the cost of all!!!!!! This is Dusty, by the way.

  2. Hey, Tiffany! Howdy?
    What a wonderful news! Congrats! Would like to read the novel.
    Good luck for anything you do!

    1. Hi Arum!

      Don’t congratulate me yet! I’m still too scared to verify it until it does actually come about! I hope you’re doing well! 🙂


  3. I’m also so excited about the novel (the first part is brilliant and it’s actually pretty hard to wait for the rest to come out). Here’s hoping for great meetings with the publishers, and for an ebook version so that it can spread far and wide.

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