The Oddfits: Let the Birthing Begin!

It’s happened and it’s wonderful. By ‘it’, I mean that my first novel is finally going to get published. I met with the interested publisher–a small literary press called Ethos Books in Singapore–earlier this week, we discussed some more details regarding plans for launching and distribution, and I met the editor with whom I’ll be working. It does all seem like a dream.

The target publication date will be around October to November 2012. And it should be available internationally (i.e. outside Singapore) in both electronic and physical form, though more details need to be worked out still. I’ll keep you updated!

For the past few days, every now and then, I’ll think about it and grin like a maniac.

I just grinned again. Told you so.  

In any case, for those who are interested, below is a preliminary blurb for The Oddfits. I say it’s preliminary because it’s the blurb I came up with for query letters to publishers and agents. I’m guessing the actual blurb that will appear on the back of the book and on publicity material will be very different. This one is a bit wordy and somewhat clunky in places. But in case you’re curious about what the novel’s about, it’ll do in a pinch! 

The Oddfits: A Preliminary Blurb

Murgatroyd Floyd is an Oddfit—a rare type of human being capable of accessing and exploring the vast expanses of the Earth invisible and inconceivable to the majority of the human population. Unaware of this ability, twenty-five year old Murgatroyd has never so much as stepped foot out of Singapore. When a mysterious one-eyed woman in green shows up one day to tell him who he is, inviting him on a mission to explore these unknown lands, Murgatroyd leaps at the chance to make something stupendous of his life. 

But there’s one problem with being an Oddfit, and it’s a deadly one: the Known World (the limited world most humans dwell in and experience everyday) is severely allergic to them. In fact, Murgatroyd is the only Oddfit known to remain in the Known World this long without losing his Oddfitness or being exterminated. In response to the events following Murgatroyd’s discovery, the Known World’s immune system mobilises those he holds nearest and dearest to destroy him. Will Murgatroyd prevail over the machinations of his ambitious best friend, the deadly assassin hired by his boss, and the inexplicable desire of his own parents to keep him a permanent state of misery? 

A wondrous, humorous, and touching adventure of novel, The Oddfits will take you from the crowded malls and brightly-lit hawker centres of Singapore to the blue deserts, frozen caves, and floating wooden islands that lie at the farthest reaches of the More Known World; and from the purity of human love and courage to the tangled depths of the capricious human heart. 

Oh yes. There will also be ice cream. The best you’ve ever tasted. 


  1. Thanks for the glimpse – looking forward to reading your novel.

  2. Well that certainly sounds entertaining.

  3. Pam Norton

    Wonderful!! Will be following up.

    Pam & Spriggy

  4. […] to write (though to be fair, I worked at it off and on). Then, once it was finished, the novel was accepted for publication by a Singaporean publisher. Then it was kindly let go (to the publisher’s […]

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