Eclectic readings this semester…


What I’m doing “professionally” this semester (and don’t ask me why “professionally” is in quotation marks): researching contemporary East Kalimantan works, supervising a postgraduate student who is reading family-centered novels, teaching a course on the Victorian novel, and another course (no representative book shown) on British modernism.

On one hand I feel overwhelmed. On the other, I feel exhilarated. On the third hand, it’s better than being bored. On the fourth hand, maybe I wouldn’t mind being bored…

4 thoughts on “Eclectic readings this semester…

  1. Jo says:

    Go Tiff!

    Following Justin’s observations on the use of quotation marks in (Japan, China, Indonesia?), I’m noticing them everywhere in Cape Town, and snickering.
    Employees must “clean” their hands before returning to work.
    “Melons” R10.99!
    “Fresh” Hake R50.99

    Maybe we should start a “blog”. Probably “someone” already did.

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