The Oddfits Finds a Publisher . . . At Long Last!

I’ve been sitting (more like squirming) on a piece of news for a long while that I haven’t been able to make public until a few days ago. But at long last, I can share it with the world. My novel The Oddfits has found a publisher – AmazonCrossing, the imprint of Amazon Publishing that deals with translated literature and world literature. They made the announcement at the Frankfurt Book Fair on Thursday! The Oddfits will be coming out in February 2016 in both print and e-book format. I can’t believe it even now, even after several months of knowing. It seems too suspiciously good to be true.

Longtime readers of this blog know that seeing The Oddfits through to this point has been a journey filled with ups and downs. First of all, the novel took me several years to write (though to be fair, I worked at it off and on). Then, once it was finished, the novel was accepted for publication by a Singaporean publisher. Then it was kindly let go (to the publisher’s credit, in the most gentle and civilized way possible). Then I wallowed in self pity for a little while before going in search again of a publisher. I found a literary agency, Jacaranda, who took me on at the beginning of 2012. And after I revised the novel manuscript at bit more, they went searching for a publisher. And after some time (the publishing world, like the sea, is a harsh mistress), they found one! After some negotiations, I signed a contract. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been looking over manuscript proofs and answering queries from copyeditors and proofreaders. I’ve been weighing in on cover designs (Eeeeeeee!) and details for the audiobook version (Also “Eeeeeee!”-worthy because I *heart* audiobooks). AmazonCrossing requested that I refrain from sharing the news on social media until they made their announcement, so apologies for the secretiveness. But I’m so happy that I can share the news now. I’ve been bursting with it for a fair while.

I’m particularly happy that The Oddfits has found a publisher because, as a rather quirky novel that defies easy categorization, it’s been a hard sell. But the acquisitions editor at AmazonCrossing, who has been absolutely wonderful, liked it so much that she said she’d love to take it on and figure out how to get others to fall in love with it too. Perhaps I’m naive, but I’m honestly touched. And ridiculously overjoyed.


  1. Chris Clark

    Congratulations – so happy for you!

  2. Reblogged this on Vikings, Books, etc. and commented:
    So excited that Tiff’s series will be published !! I haven’t read drafts for this one, but recently finished a first critique of another novel of hers, and I was really blown away by it–one of those books where you find yourself saying “WHAT!!” way too loud in a crowded cafe over and over again during the final chapter. I’ve also really enjoyed a short story of hers that I blogged about a couple years ago. She’s is an awesome talent (and also super cool editor at Asymptote magazine of translated lit, South East Asian division), so you should all be super excited too!!!

  3. I’m your biggest fan!

  4. Theresa Jernigan

    I’d not known about you until I got an email from Amazon about getting a deal on new releases. I was immediately drawn to the cover art of your book and just started reading. I love it already and can’t wait to get a good chunk of time to read uninterrupted.

  5. Just finished it – loved it! What’s next??

    1. I’m writing it now. It’s coming along well, I think. (I flatter myself.) But it’s different. This one is mostly set in the More Known World.

  6. A. Trejos

    Ms. Just finish reading/listening to the move “the oddfits” it was great, It transport me from the Avenue U train station in Brooklyn to the Aminah caves in just a few sentences, great book congratulations

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