Heads up: get a free preview copy of The More Known World!

Good news for those of you who’ve been looking forward to reading The More Known World and who reside in the US. My publisher, AmazonCrossing, will be giving away 100 free e-copies of The More Known World before the novel’s official release on December 19th. So if you’re excited about exploring the More Known World and following the further adventures of Murgatroyd and Ann, then register your interest and you’ll get to do so ahead of the hoi polloi. (Not that there’s anything wrong with being the hoi polloi. By the way, interesting factoid: “hoi” means “the,” so despite common usage, it should technically be just “hoi polloi” without the “the.”)

I digress. Back on track, Tiff.

The giveaway will be running from November 21st to December 18th here on Goodreads. I’ll post again to notify everyone once the giveaway actually starts!

The offer is only available to those who live in the US or who have tricked Amazon/Kindle into thinking they live there. But I’m planning to do a separate, smaller-scale giveaway that will be available to those of us who live outside the US, so stay tuned! (It will depend on whether I can find non-astronomically-priced international mailing options. But I will try my best.)




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