Singapore Events in March

If you’re going to be in Singapore on either Saturday, March 17th or Saturday, March 24th, then good news: I’ll be there too!

Stop by Books Kinokuniya’s main store, where I’ll be chatting with Singaporean librarian Boey Wah Fong about being odd and writing oddness! We’ll also be celebrating the recent publication of The More Known World with a book signing session and . . . (drum roll) . . . ice cream! Yes, ice cream – made especially for the event by the Singaporean ice cream parlour Tom’s Palette and based on one of the flavours from The Oddfits! (How cool is this? I’ll tell you the story of how this came to pass later.)

The event is open to all, so even if you can’t make it, do feel free to spread the word among anyone you know in Singapore who may be interested. The official event poster is below and the link is here!

Books plus ice cream! What better way to enjoy a Saturday afternoon?

Tiffany Tsao Kino Publicity JPGAnd now I present Event Number Two! I’ll be teaching a masterclass on the art of revising fiction on Saturday, March 24th. If you know any aspiring writers in Singapore, then do let them know about this class. There is a registration fee, but I promise it’ll be enjoyable and actually useful! (One of my biggest pet peeves: classes that aren’t useful and consist solely of the person teaching the class nattering on in a disorganized and eminently unhelpful way. I once took a beekeeping class that was like this. It was so tortuous. How on earth can anyone make beekeeping boring? I feel like that takes effort.)

People can register here at the Sing Lit Station website. And here, again, is an obscenely large photo of my face.

Between you (a.k.a., the twelve or so people who actually read these blog posts) and me, I think I need to get new author headshots. These were taken two years ago and I think I may have aged noticeably since then . . .




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