Under Your Wings is officially out!

…giving her an excuse to cackle witchishly, “Fly, my pretty! Fly!”

Seriously though. Today is its official publication date here in Australia, though a friend has already spotted it for sale at Better Read Than Dead in Sydney. And Readings has even already posted a review – a really favourable one, which made me almost pass out from happiness.

Under Your Wings BRTD
photo courtesy of Elizabeth Everett Cage

People keep telling me how prolific I am. “Three books, all while having and raising two babies!” they say. I tell them it’s all mirrors and smoke: the first draft of this novel was finished by the end of my first pregnancy in early 2015. The Oddfits took years and years to write and was more or less finished in 2012. The More Known World is really the only one in the past two years that I’ve created entirely from scratch. Also, my work-life balance is terrible. I’m a chocoholic, but for work; I wouldn’t recommend it!

I’m very excited. And I keep telling people how excited I am, so I sound like a really annoying recorded message. I am very excited. See? There I go again. I’m excited because this will be the first time I’ll be seeing my book in brick-and-mortar bookstores.(AmazonCrossing has been amazing with book sales, but obviously, because they’re an imprint of Amazon Publishing, they prioritise selling the book online. I can’t blame them, really: hard-copy distribution can be extremely costly and inefficient.) I’m excited because I have a soft spot for my publisher, Penguin and their children’s imprint Puffin thanks to a lifetime of being reared on their books. I’m excited because of this first good review, which is hopefully a harbinger of like reviews to come. And I’m excited because at every stage of the revision and editing process I found that I still liked what I was reading, and that made me tingle with hope.

So rabies and lentilmen, it gives me great pleasure to present Under Your Wings. You can preview the opening chapter on the Penguin Australia site here. It’s different from the Oddfits series: much darker, more serious, more overtly “literary fiction” (whatever “literary” is supposed to mean). But there’s still a fantastical element running through it – real life is too weird for me to leave the strange out of what I write.

For readers in North America: the book is not yet available in your neck of the woods, but bear with me. Publishing is weirdly territorial! My publisher, Penguin Australia, is currently negotiating selling the publishing rights for other parts of the world. The novel is likely to be available for sale in North America in the very near future; at least one US publisher has already expressed serious interest. I’ll post news on this blog as things transpire…









  1. Aaaaaahhhhhh I hope it comes out here soon….

    1. Aaaaah! Me too! Thanks for providing feedback on the draft! It’s recognisably the same as when you read it, but with some major differences, especially in the middle and towards the end. In the meantime, I will send you a pic of the acknowledgements page!

      1. Thanks Tiff! 🙂 I’m really interested to see how it’s changed. Don’t remember too many of my comments, but I remember that it seemed very effective throughout in the draft I got and that I didn’t feel like I needed to say too much…

  2. Looking forward to it being released in the US/North America!

    But tell us, are you excited about the release? I couldn’t tell 😛

    Congrats Tiffany!

    1. Haha! No, no. Not excited at all. Completely blasé.
      Thanks so much for the well wishes, Hugo!

  3. Nuriati Parman

    But im at Indonesia can not buy the book…Amazon does not deliver to Indonesia yet

  4. Justin

    Your biggest fan here! I look forward to reading this book!

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