Under Your Wings is Taking Flight!

Or so it would seem! (Anyone who reads this rather pathetic but heartfelt blog knows that I keep my expectations low to optimize future happiness.)

Under Your Wings received a great review in the Australian arts weekly, Spectrum. In fact, it was that issue’s pick of the week!


And a wonderful in-depth discussion of the book made it into ABC Radio National’s The Bookshelf (head to the 39-minute mark if you’re impatient). The week after that, they even interviewed me about the book as well (I come in 36 and a half minutes in).

A bad selfie with The Bookshelf co-presenter Kate Evans in front of the TARDIS at the ABC studio headquarters!

Last but not least, the North American publishing rights have been sold to Atria Books. The US edition is slated for release in early 2020, which seems ages away.

Pictured here: a dozen cupcakes someone sent me to celebrate the sale of the North American rights. And the two kiddos, who were obviously very excited to partake of the goods.

Generally speaking, I can’t believe my good fortune. I held a very small, very belated launch party for Under Your Wings last weekend in our apartment. I only invited a few close friends. A lot of people had urged me to have a launch to celebrate, but I didn’t want to have something formal at a bookshop that wasn’t very child-friendly and where I would feel pressure to invite people I didn’t necessarily know very well in order to make a good public showing.

Above and below are the longevity buns I ordered for the party from the Chinese restaurant five minutes away from where I live. They’re traditionally served at birthday banquets because peaches are associated with longevity in Chinese folklore (and that’s about the extent of the traditional Chinese mythology that influenced Under Your Wings).  And of course, if you’ve read the novel, you know that they make an appearance in the novel’s first (and grisly) scene.

“She split a bun along its rose-tinted cleft and dark lotus-seed paste oozed out. ‘I always get a kick out of these,’ she confided. ‘Don’t you think they look like blushing butts filled with . . .'” (from Chapter 1)                 







  1. So happy that this baby is finally getting out there–and I’m glad to find out it will eventually make its way to the US, even if I have to wait a while… Also, I’ve never had longevity buns and now I want to try one, whatever scatalogical analogies there may be.

    1. They’re fun to eat because they look so cool. But ultimately, they’re just steamed buns filled with lotus-seed paste with some pink food colouring on the outside 🙂

  2. Hey Tiffany! I enjoyed reading this book. Partly because I thirst for well written stories of South East Asian drama! Well done. Looking forward to more stories. Regards, Ray Jalil

    1. We met at the Jaipur Lit Festival in Adelaide 2018!

      1. Ray! Ack, I’ve been meaning to reply to this for so long. Very rude of me. I’m very very glad you enjoyed reading it, and even gladder that we got to meet in Adelaide!!!

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