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Like The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao and The Magician KingThe Oddfits is an intelligent—and hilarious—fantasy novel rooted in the real world, stretching the limits of that fickle term reality.

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Book #1 of the Oddfit series (published by AmazonCrossing, 2016). Available in paperback, ebook, and audio from AmazonBook Depository, and Audible.

Eight-year-old Murgatroyd Floyd doesn’t fit in—not as a blue-eyed blonde living in Singapore, not in school, and certainly not with his aloof expatriate parents, who seem determined to make his life even harder. Unbeknownst to him, there’s a reason why he’s always the odd boy out: he is an Oddfit, a rare type of human with access to the More Known World, a land invisible to most people. Yet unfortunate circumstances keep Murgatroyd stranded in the Known World, bumbling through life with the feeling that an extraordinary something is waiting for him just beyond reach.

Seventeen years later, that something finally arrives when a secret organization dedicated to exploring the More Known World invites Murgatroyd on a mission. But as the consummate loser begins to grow into the Oddfit he was meant to be, the Known World becomes bent on exterminating him. For once in his underachieving life, will Murgatroyd Floyd exceed expectations and outsmart those trying to thwart his stupendous destiny?

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**Top Five Pick for Best Superhero Novels of 2016 **

**Editor’s Kindle First Pick for January 2016**

An article about The Oddfits from The Straits Times, published April 10, 2016