The Tyranny of Purpose: Religion and Biotechnology – Literature and Theology, 2012

“The Tyranny of Purpose: Religion and Biotechnology in Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go.” Literature and Theology 26.2 (2012): 214-232.

“One might even consider Never Let Me Go a sort of palimpsest, bearing traces of Shelley’s novel, and consequently, traces of Milton’s epic. I am proposing then what Sarah Dillon has termed a ‘palimpsestuous’ reading of Ishiguro’s work—a reading that belies the apparent secularity of the social order featured in the novel, foregrounding the humans’ positions as gods and the clones’ positions as those gods’ creations. As a consequence, the seemingly unrelated theological issues raised by Paradise Lost concerning the ethics governing creator–creation relations may provide surprising insight into what Ishiguro’s novel has to say about the problematic assumptions that underlie conceptualizations of religion and biotechnology in our own world.”

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