What is Being Erased – LONTAR, 2014

“Long had we admired the Tower from afar—its spindly frame, the austerity of its white stone exterior, the distinctive single turret with the crescent moon and stars fluttering proudly from its mast. Even then, only ten years after its construction, the Tower had become as much an integral part of Singapore’s skyline as the Flyer, the Gardens’ Supertrees, and the three-pillared spaceship silhouette of Marina Bay Sands. It symbolized all that Singapore had accomplished in its relentless pursuit of excellence in education—its complete overhaul of existing systems and practices of learning, the breakthroughs it had made in knowledge technology. And now, finally, the Tower was ours to enter, ours to inhabit. How many late nights had we spent in the pre-Scholar common rooms dreaming out loud about this day? Drowsy with the knowledge that we’d been imbibing since daybreak, sprawled out on the brown imitation-leather sofas we knew were only poor shadows of the ones to which we aspired, we shared round what scraps of information we each possessed, piecing together, like a magnificent and rich patchwork tapestry, our future lives. Exams willing, of course.”

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