The following works were translated from Indonesian / Bahasa Indonesia


Birdwoman's Palate Cover

published by AmazonCrossing, 2018

(original title: Aruna dan Lidahnya)

Revised for the English edition by the original author

Available in paperback, ebook, and audio from Amazon, Book Depository, and Audible

In this exhilarating culinary novel, a woman’s road trip through Indonesia becomes a discovery of friendship, self, and other rare delicacies.

Aruna is an epidemiologist dedicated to food and avian politics. One is heaven, the other earth. The two passions blend in unexpected ways when Aruna is asked to research a handful of isolated bird flu cases reported across Indonesia. While it’s put a crimp in her aunt’s West Java farm, and made her own confit de canard highly questionable, the investigation does provide an irresistible opportunity.

It’s the perfect excuse to get away from corrupt and corrosive Jakarta and explore the spices of the far-flung regions of the islands with her three friends: a celebrity chef, a globe-trotting “foodist,” and her coworker Farish.

From Medan to Surabaya, Palembang to Pontianak, Aruna and her friends have their fill of local cuisine. With every delicious dish, she discovers there’s so much more to food, politics, and friendship. Now, this liberating new perspective on her country—and on her life—will push her to pursue the things she’s only dreamed of doing.


Paper Boats Cover

published by AmazonCrossing, 2017

(original title: Perahu Kertas)

Available in paperback, ebook, and audio from Amazon, Book Depository, and Audible.

She’s a free-spirited dreamer. He’s a brilliant painter. But now their shared passion for art has turned into something deeper…

For as long as she can remember, Kugy has loved to write. Whimsical stories are her passion, along with letters full of secret longings that she folds into paper boats and sets out to sea. Now that she’s older, she dreams of following her heart and becoming a true teller of tales, but she decides to get a “real job” instead and forget all about Keenan, the guy who makes her feel as if she’s living in one of her own fairy tales.

Sensitive and introverted, Keenan is an aspiring artist, but he feels pressured to pursue a more practical path. He’s drawn to Kugy from first sight: she’s unconventional, and the light radiating from her eyes and the warmth of her presence pull him in.

They seem like a perfect match—both on and off the page—but revealing their secret feelings means risking their friendship and betraying the people they love most. Can they find the courage to admit their love for each other and chase their long-held dreams?


Short Fiction

“Searching for Herman” by Dee Lestari. Part of A World of A Thousand Doors – a showcase of Indonesian literature in translation by Asymptote Blog in partnership with the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival 2018

“Once Upon A Time There Was Mother and Radian” by Avianti Armand in BooksActually’s Gold Standard 2016 (Math Paper Press)

“This Kid Wants to Piss All Over Jakarta” by Ahmad Tohari in BooksActually’s Gold Standard 2016 (Math Paper Press)

“Caronang” by Eka Kurniawan in LONTAR #6 (2016)



“Nh. Dini’s Modernity” by Laksmi Pamuntjak in Asymptote (Winter 2015)



Sergius Seeks Bacchus by Norman Erikson Pasaribu (forthcoming from Tilted Axis Press, March 2019) – winner of a 2018 PEN Translates award

“A Flyer” by Norman Erikson Pasaribu in Modern Poetry in Translation (The House of Thirst, Issue 2, 2018)

“A History-to-Come of Helmbrellas: Their Features and Fates” by Norman Erikson Pasaribu in The Margins (Transpacific Literary Project: Fluid, 2017)

“Making Instant Noodles at the End of the Rainbow” by Norman Erikson Pasaribu in Cordite Poetry Review (Issue 57, 2017)

Six poems from Sergius Seeks Bacchus by Norman Erikson Pasaribu in Asymptote (Winter 2017)

Four poems from Sergius Seeks Bacchus by Norman Erikson Pasaribu in The Asia Literary Review (Issue 33, 2017)

Poems from Efpei I’m in Love by Nala Arung (Asymptote Blog, 2014)


**Tiffany Tsao’s translations of excerpts from Norman Erikson Pasaribu’s poetry collection Sergius Seeks Bacchus (original title: Sergius Mencari Bacchus) were one of six winning entries in PEN Presents . . . East & Southeast Asia translation competition, sponsored by English PEN.**

**”A History-to-Come of Helmbrellas: Their Features and Fates” was nominated by the Asian American Writers’ Workshop for the 2018 Hawker Prize**