short translations

“Three Love You, Four Despise You” by Norman Erikson Pasaribu (in Extra Teeth, May 2022)

“For Adi” by Norman Erikson Pasaribu (in Bath Magg, Issue 9, Spring 2022)

“The Old Man with No Name” by Budi Darma (in Electric Literature, April 2022)

“The Family M” by Budi Darma (on Literary Hub, April 2022)


“Termination Letter” by Norman Erikson Pasaribu (in Australian Poetry Journal 10.2, 2021)

Poetry by Toeti Heraty and Dorothea Rosa Herliany, in Deviant Disciples (Tilted Axis Press, November 2020)

“Deep Brown, Verging on Black” by Norman Erikson Pasaribu (in The White Review, September 2020)

“Joshua Karabish” by Budi Darma (in The Brooklyn Rail’s InTranslation, July 2020. Story and Translator’s Note.)

“So What’s Your Name, Sandra?” by Norman Erikson Pasaribu (in Catapult, May 2020)

“The Crows and the Three Eyesd Fish” by Erni Aladjai (in chogwa, issue 4, June 2020)

“Funeral Home” by Ratih Kumala (in Asymptote Blog, November 2018)

“Searching for Herman” by Dee Lestari (in Asymptote Blog, October 2018)

“A Flyer” by Norman Erikson Pasaribu (in Modern Poetry in Translation: The House of Thirst, 2018)

“Caronang” by Eka Kurniawan, in Kitchen Curse: Stories (Verso, 2019) and on Literary Hub. (First published in LONTAR: The Journal of Southeast Asian Speculative Fiction.)

Poems from Sergius Seeks Bacchus (in Asia Literary Review, Issue 33, 2017)

“Making Instant Noodles at the End of the Rainbow” by Norman Erikson Pasaribu (in Cordite, February 2017)

Six Poems by Norman Erikson Pasaribu (in Asymptote, January 2017)

“This Kid Wants to Piss All Over Jakarta” by Ahmad Tohari, in Book Actually’s Gold Standard (Math Paper Press, 2016)

“Once Upon a Time, There Was Mother and Radian” by Avianti Armand, in BookActually’s Gold Standard (Math Paper Press, 2016)