The Disordered Spring, or Oddfits 3

It’s been a long time since I’ve updated my news. A looooooooong time. I’m so sorry. I’m hoping to change this because I’m trying to decrease my reliance on Twitter and Instagram, and instead have a separate way of keeping people updated (and keeping track of my own news myself)! In short, I’m hoping to return to regular old-school updates via this news blog. Especially since there are a few big developments coming up….

The biggest one of which is: believe or not, I finished the first (extremely rough) draft of Oddfits 3! Which now has a title that I truly adore: The Disordered Spring. I hereby announce a prize to the first person who either knows or does a search for what this title is a reference to. The prize is a free signed set of the entire complete Oddfits trilogy, including The Disordered Spring…when some lucky publisher out there realises their luck and snaps up all three books. As you know, the Oddfits books are now seeking a new publisher, but my agent has held off making a real push because she thinks it will be more effective if we have the third book to dangle as the proverbial carrot. I think she may be right. Anyway….if you know the answer and you’re the first person, send me an email!

Also, I’m so excited about how The Disordered Spring is shaping up, it isn’t even funny. My last novel was mesmerising to work on, but in a completely different way. With The Disordered Spring, as with previous two Oddfits novels, I feel positively gleeful when I’m writing. Y’know, happy. As opposed to feeling submerged in a dark sea of emotion. The draft contains a total of 18 chapters plus a coda. Just so you know where I am in drafting round 2: I’m in the middle of revising Chapter 6.

Other recent news include:

  • I spent 2020 translating a really amazing short-story collection by the Indonesian author Budi Darma. It will be coming out with Penguin Classics in Spring 2022 under the title People from Bloomington.
  • I’m currently in the editing process for another short-story collection I’ve translated, by Norman Erikson Pasaribu. This one will be coming out in November this year from Tilted Axis Press as Happy Stories, Mostly.